Hope 2007


  1. Hope
  2. These Hours of Despair
  3. The Justice of Suffering
  4. Don't Fall Asleep (Horror pt.2)
  5. Too Cold for Tears
  6. The Empty Skies
  7. No Light, No Hope
  8. Doomed to Walk the Earth


Produced by Swallow the Sun and Sami Kokko. Recorded at Seawolf Studios, Helsinki during 11.9.2006-8.10.2006. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Sami Kokko. Mastered by Minerva Pappi at Finnvox Studios.

All songs composed by Juha Raivio except The Empty Skies by Aleksi Munter. Lyrics by Juha Raivio (tracks 1, 3, 4, 5), Mikko Kotamäki (tracks 2, 7, 8) and Aleksi Munter (track 6). All arrangements by Swallow the Sun except vocal lines on track 3 by Jonas Renkse. Keyboards partially recorded, engineered and orchestrated by Aleksi Munter and Hannu Honkonen at Studio Karate. Guest vocals on The Justice of Suffering by Jonas Renkse (cortesy of Peaceville Records). Backing vocals by Tinuviel (tracks 2, 4 and 8) and Jaani Peuhu (track 4).  Art direction by Tero Salonen / titanikhelsinki.fi. Band photography by Jarmo Katila / moshpit.fi. Band logos by Viara Gentchev / solarhive.com. Photos taken at Hotel Linna, Helsinki

Release formats: Super jewel case cd, limited digipak with different cover artwork with These Low Lands as bonus track