Plague of Butterflies 2008


Plague of Butterflies
  1. Losing the Sunsets
  2. Plague of Butterflies
  3. Evael 10:00
Out of This Gloomy Light (Demo 2003)
  1. Through Her Silvery Body
  2. Out of This Gloomy Light
  3. Swallow
  4. Under the Waves


Includes also ‘Out of This Gloomy Light’ -demo.

Release date: 17.9.2008

Music and lyrics by Juha Raivio. Arranged by Swallow the Sun. Produced by Swallow the Sun and Sami ‘Hannu’ Koivisto. Recorded, engineered and mixed by Sami ‘Hannu’ Koivisto, Biotech Audio Solutions. Drum recording by Jari Mikkola, Studio Audio. Drum engineering by Kai Hahto. Keyboards engineering and recording by Hannu Honkonen, Noisework Productions and Aleksi Munter. Mastering by Svante Forsbäck, Chartmakers.

Cover artwork by Minja Revonkorpi. Cover layout by Aleksi Munter and Valtteri Revonkorpi. Logos by Viara Gentchev. Photography by Morgana. Female vocals by Leeni-Maria Hovila,  whispers by Sonja Koivisto.