Songs from the North 2015


I Gloom
  1. With You Came the Whole of the World's Tears
  2. 10 Silver Bullets
  3. Rooms and Shadows
  4. Heartstrings Shattering
  5. Silhouettes
  6. The Memory of Light
  7. Lost & Catatonic
  8. From Happiness to Dust
II Beauty
  1. The Womb of Winter
  2. The Heart of a Cold White Land
  3. Away
  4. Pray for the Winds to Come
  5. Songs from the North
  6. 66°50´N,28°40´E
  7. Autumn Fire
  8. Before the Summer Dies
III Despair
  1. The Gathering of Black Moths
  2. 7 Hours Late
  3. Empires of Loneliness
  4. Abandoned by the Light
  5. The Clouds Prepare for Battle


All music and lyrics by Juha Raivio. Arranged by Swallow the Sun.

Recorded at Sound Supreme by Hiili Hiilesmaa, Electric Fox Studio by Tuomas Kokko, and Noisework Studio by Aleksi Munter assisted by Hannu Honkonen. Guitars recorded by Juha Raivio. Vocals recorded and produced at Black Chandelier in Helsinki and Ahonlaita in Inkeroinen by Jaani Peuhu assisted by Pietari Pyykkönen. Album I mixed by Juha Heininen and album III by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Sound Supreme. Album II mixed by Tuomas Kokko and Jaani Peuhu at Electric Fox Studio. Mastered at Chartmakers by Svante Forsbäck. Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony.

Backing vocals by Aleah Stanbridge and Jaani Peuhu. Vocals on Songs from the North by Kaisa Vala, recorded by Kaisa Vala at MANA REC in Guildford, UK. Vocals on Memory of Light and Lost and Catatonic by Sarah Elisabeth Wohlfahrt, recorded by Birger Nießen at Stereotunes in Cologne, Germany. Narration on Empires of Loneliness by Nathan Ellis of Daylight Dies. Art direction and layout by Aleksi Munter.

Illustrations and album logos by Rami Mursula. Cover photo by Aleah Stanbridge, modeled by Valentine Reltien. Photography by Aleksi Munter and Aleah Stanbridge except Lapland by Indrek Päri. Band photography by Jussi Ratilainen, Alexandra Lisiecki, Aleah Stanbridge and Antti Makkonen.